About Provenance

Provenance all started when my husband and I, along with our three little girls, decided to move from Aargau region in Switzerland, and buy a very old dilapitated cheese farm in a rural village, just outside of Geneva.

During my two year labour of love, re-building and renovating our home, I discovered a passion for interior design.  Most of our weekends were spent scouring local and French Brocantes, searching for beautiful, sculptured antique furniture and unusual decorative items.

I can easily look past the torn and faded fabrics, the slighty chipped and scratched dark and gloomy furniture, and envisage how I can restore these beautifully elegant items, once again into something modern, yet still antique, solid and eyecatching, and create a visionary centrepiece for everyone's home.

It's important for me to know the history of every item I purchase, the story it has to tell, where it came from, how old it is, and where/how it was used, so that I can try and reflect some of it's history in how I change each piece.

Whenever you purchase an item from us, you will find details of it's Provenance, so that it's old history is never forgotten!